COVID – 19 Know How

The coronavirus pandemic is first and foremost human tragedy, affecting hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. It is having a growing impact on the India as well as global economy. The CAM COVID – 19 Know How intends to provide businesses with a perspective on the evolving situation and implications for their companies. We will keep adding thought leadership articles regularly. Should you have any queries please write to our Managing Partner, Mr. Cyril Shroff at


DateTitle & LinkAuthors Name
27.05.2020Double Trouble in 2020 – Tackling COVID-19 while Protecting the Right to Privacy Ankoosh Mehta, Ria Lulla & Sanika Gokhale
26.05.2020Invoking Material Adverse Change based on Covid-19: Easier said than doneAdarsh Saxena & Mohanakrishna.C
22.05.2020To Protect or Not to Protect that is the Question : Patent Licensing in times of Covid-19 PandemicAnuradha Mukherjee, Ashwin Sapra, Pallavi Rao, Biplab Lenin & Shivanshu Bhardwaj
21.05.2020Supreme Court’s Continuous Battle with Covid-19Ankoosh Mehta, Ria Lulla & Kritika Sethi
19.05.2020COVID-19: Absence of Legislative Intervention may impact Commercial Insurance ClaimsAdarsh Saxena & Mitakshi Lakhani
12.05.2020COVID-19 Impact: Responses by State Education Regulators Nagavalli G, Trayosha Darapuneni, Vasujith Ram & Deepjoyika Dastidar
11.05.2020I’m leaving on a Jet Plane (or maybe not!): CBDT clarifies tax residency for people trapped in IndiaRishabh Shroff, Kunal Savani & Sanjana Rao
11.05.2020Validity of Operational Licenses In The Wake of Covid-19 – A Grey Area!Abhilash Pillai, Kamalika Bhattacharjee & Tarun Agarwal
08.05.2020COVID-19 : Its impact on the telecommunications sector in IndiaAmey Pathak, Faraz Alam Sagar, Vivek Rathore & Anand Deshpande
06.05.2020Covid-19: Flight Plan for Indian Aviation IndustrySubhojit Sadhu & Shrey Srivastava
02.05.2020Debt Capital Markets – A Bumpy Road AheadArjun Lall, Vijay Parthasarathi & Vinay Sirohia
29.04.2020FRUSTRATION (OF CONTRACT) IN THE TIME OF SARS-CoV-2Aditya Mehta, Arjun Sreenivas & Sameer Bindra
28.04.2020Private Equity In A COVID-19 World: Assessing The Impact Of The Pandemic On PE Investments In IndiaRavindra Bandhakavi, Ambika Sahai & Poornima Singh
27.04.2020Reimagining the Good Times: Start-ups and the Covid-19 CrisisYashojit Mitra & Devyani Singh
22.04.2020COVID-19 Test Kits. A Cheat Sheet Ashwin Sapra, Utkarsh Bhatnagar & Kartik Jain
20.04.2020Corporate house-keeping during a crisisArjun Lall, Reuben Chacko, Janhavi Manohar & Tanvi Kini
17.04.2020COVID-19 - Global Implications and Legal Challenges : An International PerspectiveRamgovind Kuruppath, Jyoti Dastidar, Alasdair Steele, Simon Kilgour, Steven Cochrane, Alice George,
16.04.2020COVID-19 and M&A in India: Navigating Risks and Understanding Opportunities Ramgovind Kuruppath, Archit Bhatnagar & Surabhi Saboo
15.04.2020REITs in India: Some predictions for the next 24 months (and beyond) Arjun Lall, Janhavi Manohar & Rohit Tiwari
14.04.2020Covid-19 – A Tale of two CourtsMekhla Anand & Jesika Babel
13.04.2020Real Estate’s ride through Covid-19 and way forward Abhishek Sharma, Amit H Wadhwani & Mohammed Bengal
10.04.2020Short and Long-term Impact of Current Market Conditions – Part IIGokul Rajan, Aashima Johur, Ajo Jomy & Chinar Gupta
08.04.2020COVID-19 – Temporary Relaxations for Corporate CompliancesSourav Kanti De Biswas, Vidya Sunderam, Arun Goswami & Ashlesha Mittal
07.04.2020From the Gavel to the Click: COVID 19 poised to be the inflection point for Online Courts in IndiaAnuradha Mukherjee, Amita Katragadda, Ayushi Singhal & Shubhankar Jain
06.04.2020COVID-19 and businesses in India: What employers need to knowRashmi Pradeep, Richa Mohanty Rao, Bishen Jeswant & Yashvi Ganeriwal
02.04.2020COVID-19: Impact on Real EstateTaher Mandviwala and Kaveri Varma
01.04.2020Wills In The Time Of Corona: Challenges And Solutions Radhika Gaggar & Shaishavi Kadakia
31.03.2020India’s Finance Act 2020, COVID–19 & HNIs: An UpdateRishabh Shroff, Kunal Savani & Varsha Reddy
30.03.2020Short And Long-Term Impact Of Current Market Conditions – Part IGokul Rajan, Aashima Johur, Ajo Jomy & Chinar Gupta
28.03.2020COVID -19 and Competition Law ConcernsAvaantika Kakkar, Vijay Pratap Singh Chauhan & Ruchi Verma
27.03.2020COVID-19: A lot done, more needs to be doneAshwin Sapra
26.03.2020How did a virus extend limitation?Ankoosh Mehta, Srinivas Chatti & King Dungerwal
25.03.2020Indian Insolvency Law responds to the COVID-19 PandemicCyril Shroff & Dhananjay Kumar
25.03.2020COVID-19: At the MoviesBharat Vasani and Samiksha Pednekar
23.03.2020NCOVID-19: From detection to a cure. A regulatory overviewAshwin Sapra, Biplab Lenin, Kartik Jain & Jashaswi Ghosh
18.03.2020COVID-19 : Officially a PandemicBharat Vasani, Molla Hasan, Samiksha Pednekar & Esha Himadri
17.03.2020Estate & Succession Planning during the Coronavirus PandemicRishabh Shroff & Tanmay Patnaik
12.03.2020Karnataka Government’s Legislative Attempt To Tackle Covid-19 OutbreakRashmi Pradeep & Krithika Radhakrishnan
09.03.2020Impact of COVID-19 on India Inc – A ReportBharat Vasani, Molla Hasan, Samiksha Pednekar & Esha Himadri
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DateTitle & LinkPublicationComments By
28.04.2020COVID-19 presents an opportunity for reforms in the real estate sectorMoneycontrol.comAshish Jain
09.04.2020Indian courts: Now available onlineBusiness StandardCyril Shroff
08.04.2020Coronavirus: Here's when you should withdraw PF money amid lockdown CNBC - TV18Richa Mohanty
08.04.2020Here's how private equity players plan to tide over COVID-19 crisisCNBC - TV18Cyril Shroff
31.03.2020Coronavirus blues: How to prevent insider trading in the midst of COVID-19Business TodayShruti Rajan
28.03.2020A bazooka of liquidity & ventilator for credit: RBI's response to covid-19Business StandardCyril Shroff and Richa Roy
27.03.2020Coronavirus: Centre's EPF scheme to cover only 16% of total subscribers Business StandardRicha Mohanty Rao
27.03.2020Coronavirus update: India fights economic epidemic amid lockdown to curb Covid-19 spreadHindustan TimesRicha Mohanty Rao
26.03.2020Coronavirus relief package: India Inc welcomes govt’s help for poor, expects measures for distressed businessesFinancial ExpressRicha Mohanty Rao
25.03.2020India Bankruptcies Seen Piling on Virus Adding to DistressBloomberg LawCyril Amarchand Mangaldas' Report
24.03.2020Insolvency and Bankruptcy in the times of coronavirus; welcome relief from FM SitharamanFinancial ExpressGaurav Gupte
24.03.2020Coronavirus Impact On M&A Transactions: A Legal ExplainerBloomberg QuintCyril Amarchand Mangaldas' Report
24.03.2020Deadlines extended for filing I-T returns, GST; IBC rules relaxedFortune IndiaDaksha Baxi
24.03.2020Covid-19 related spends to be treated as CSR activity: MCAThe Hindu Business LineRishabh Shroff
23.03.2020Coronavirus, Force Majeure And Impact On Commercial ContractsBloomberg QuintBharat Vasani, Molla Hasan, Samiksha Pednekar and Esha Himadri.
23.03.2020Force majeure may stem contractual lapsesMintCyril Amarchand Mangaldas' Report
23.03.2020Virus-related spends to be treated as CSR activityThe Hindu Business LineRishabh Shroff
22.03.2020Coronavirus Scare: Keep the money flowingThe Economic TimesCyril Shroff
22.03.2020An opportunity in Covid-19 crisis: Revisit all loan repayment contractsBusiness Standard Leena Chacko
20.03.2020Cos to Get Extra Time to Announce Q4, FY20 ResultsFinancial ExpressShruti Rajan
19.03.2020Firms to seek protection under force majeure as coronavirus disrupts businessesBusiness Today Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas' Report
17.03.2020The privacy of employees versus the safety of Arun Prabhu, Piyali Sengupta, Sameer Avasarala


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