Source: The Times of India

“Name any known lawyer in Delhi and you will find him here,” a guest was overheard saying at this party. The hall was packed with not just lawyers, but senior politicians and well-known names from the judiciary as well. Cyril and Vandana Shroff hosted a grand evening to celebrate ‘100 years of values’ – a celebration to mark the completion of 100 years of their Mumbai-based law firm. The Shroffs began a round of celebrations in Mumbai and decided to throw this party for their friends in Delhi. Playing attentive hosts, they were greeting each guest at the entrance and keeping an eye on everything to make sure that the decor, the music and the selection of food was in place. The theme of the party was Indian. 

Sufi flavour to the evening: Rishabh Shroff, Cyril’s son, told us that music has been an important part of their celebrations, be it in Mumbai or in Delhi. “The music has been chosen as per the theme of the celebration, which is Indian. In Mumbai, we had Rahul Sharma playing the santoor, and here we have Anita Singhvi, a known name in Sufi music. After Delhi, we plan to continue the celebrations in other cities and also in places like Singapore and London,” said Rishabh. He added, “We keep coming to Delhi but it is mostly for work, so it was good to connect with friends here and celebrate our big occasion with all of them.” Anita’s performance drew rounds of applause from the gathering.

Madam Minister’s sense of humour: One of the last guests to arrive at the party was Textile Minister Smriti Irani, who managed to take some time out from the campaigning in UP to attend the party. However, she was there just for a few minutes. “Ab aap humari qaid mein hain,” joked Vandana, trying to convince Smriti to stay a little longer as she was looking to leave. But the minister had her reply ready – “I would want speak to my lawyer!”