The CAM Innovation Lab

CAM’s Innovation Lab was launched in May 2017. We have a dedicated innovation team which is headed by Komal Gupta who is a seasoned professional with over sixteen years of experience in the field of legal operations management, business development and regulatory compliance; and brings with her a proficiency in use of technology and process. The team consists of 6 qualified, experienced and tech savvy lawyers, who continuously strive to identify areas where innovation could take place using a combination of people, processes and technology. The team also explores new and upcoming tools and their usability for the firm. CAM is at the forefront of innovation in the legal sector. Our Innovation Lab reflects our determination to embrace the opportunities of technology combined with people and processes to improve the services we offer to our clients, as well as to support the spirit of innovation in the legal sector as a whole.

Our current areas of focus include:

CAM Incubator – Prarambh

Being an innovator and leader is a part of the firm’s DNA. This innovative mindset has most recently led to the setting up of India’s first ever legal tech incubator at a law firm. Through Prarambh, CAM aims to augment the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, identify domestic talent and support upcoming technologies in the business and practice of law.

Purpose of Prarambh

  • Supporting innovation in the field of legal technology
  • Enabling startups with a cosharing workspace and IT infrastructure
  • Ensuring the right subject matter expertise is provided to the developer
  • Mentoring the startups throughout the lifecycle and guiding them to commercial success
  • Nurturing and encouraging domestic talent to be a world leader in legal technology design and development

The applications for Prarambh are now closed.

Prarambh Cohort I winners:

The winners of the first cohort are JRTC Intern, Leegality and LegalMind.

Prarambh received 51 applications from various startups across the country. These applications were thoroughly evaluated by a distinguished jury on 12 pre – defined parameters, after which three startups were selected.

Starting October 9, the winning startups moved into Prarambh, housed at CAM’s Delhi office. The custom design workspace will provide an invigorating environment to these startups during the six month mentorship program, which will lead these ideas towards fruition and success.

Click here for some FAQs about Prarambh.

Here’s what our Managing Partner Mr. Cyril Shroff has to say about Innovation in Legal Sector in India and our Legal Tech Incubator – Prarambh


Driving the Culture of Innovation – Vichaar

Vichaar is an extension of the firm’s innovation initiative to empower each one of us to drive innovation. Vichaar aims at drawing upon the optimism, inspiration, ideas and opinions of everyone to solve a problem together. Every problem comes with a solution and we as lawyers are great problem solvers.

Vichaar is a celebration of creators, risk-takers, and innovators. Innovation cannot happen without deep collaboration between stakeholders and employees at every level. We have created an innovative environment at CAM, which offers an opportunity for EVERYONE to imagine and create an impact with seamless execution of ideas.

What good is an idea if it remains an idea? We encourage every lawyer in the firm to Try, Experiment, Iterate, Fail maybe and Try again.  The innovation team helps the lawyers through the entire lifecycle of the project – Imagination to Impact. They help the lawyers with:

  • Process mapping
  • Drawing Timelines
  • Putting together the required resources
  • Any other assistance needed to implement the idea

The person who successfully executes and implements the idea is recognized and rewarded by the Managing Partner.

Artificial Intelligence

Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas is the first Indian law firm to adopt artificial intelligence (AI) in its day-to-day practice.  The firm’s focus on driving innovation has led us to use various AI and machine learning tools for due diligence, contract review and abstraction, litigation strategy, legal research and intellectual property. These tools leverage the firms existing practices and add value for our clients and practice groups. The use of AI at the firm is not limited to one practice area or technology.  Our focus is on identifying challenges and exploring relevant solutions to increase efficiencies across the business.

Document Automation

Document automation is technology to standardise document drafting. Our solution, automates the drafting process to ensure quality and consistency across various standard and complex documents.

We currently use document automation as part of our internal quality assurance process to standardise agreements. This increases overall efficiency and allows lawyers to focus on complex issues, as well as contract negotiations and overall strategy.

Through various projects, we have been able to take our innovative approach further.  The firm has been advising clients as well as new businesses and start-ups towards standardising their key documents and providing ongoing assistance with streamlining their document assembly process.

Litigation Strategy Tool

CAM has a robust dispute resolution practice. To further enhance this practice, we have adopted an AI based litigation strategy tool.

The tool automatically analyses a client brief, compiles a list of highly relevant case law and suggests any potential alternative arguments or omissions. Our practice groups then use the tool to identify frequently cited cases and perform intelligent judgement searches.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Ability to quickly and granularly map case laws and their relevance
  • Centalised management of case-related tasks and reminders
  • Improved efficiencies by providing more sophisticated and accurate search results which are not merely based on keywords
  • Reduction in hours spent on understanding the relevance of a case law to the matter
  • Early identification of possible counter arguments, informing case strategy from the initial stages

Legal Research

Lawyers by nature are natural thinkers and questioners. Over the years we have used books and websites to research and analyse all possible angles of our arguments. The adoption of various AI based research tools to conduct primary and secondary research has evolved and enhanced the capabilities of our associates.

These tools further enrich the firm’s service offering to clients by:

  • Providing more accurate and relevant search results at optimum speed
  • Increasing time efficiencies and saving hours by using the best technology to assist associates in analysing their research

Automated Proofreading and Editing

An integral part of a lawyer’s day is spent on proofreading and editing drafts and documents. CAM is committed to providing quality documents with the highest level of accuracy. The use of proofreading tools help us by:

  • Removing inconsistencies in usages and styles across a document
  • Reducing time spent on manually searching for errors
  • Increasing efficiencies and accuracy