Thought Leadership

Eye on India

A compilation of selected essays, covering a range of topics that may interest foreign investors. The essays help paint a picture of the key legal developments that will impact and shape the business environment in India in the coming years.

Dispute Resolution in India – Litigation Primer

A comprehensive guide to the Indian legal system, including to key substantive and procedural factors which parties and counsel would be required to consider when litigating before courts and tribunals in India such as questions of jurisdiction and limitation, rules of evidence, grant of interim relief, nature of final reliefs including specific performance, appeals, enforcement and execution of awards and decrees, as well as an overview of the various specialized tribunals in India.

M & A Thought Leadership: Spotlight on Some Current Issues

A selection of pieces focusing on issues which arise in M&A transactions. The compilation gives a practical insight into deal-making and covers a range of topics from an expert’s perspective, including structuring options, due diligence trends and best practices, governance considerations and pitfalls, manner of closing a deal, updates on “hot” sectors and issues and opportunities for distressed M&A in liquidation.

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code: Till Now and Beyond

A primer on the evolution of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016, that that may interest foreign investors. This publication provides a brief insight into the evolution of the new law, that will impact and shape the insolvency regime and ease of doing business in India in the coming years.

Third Party Funding (TPF) in India

A paper summarising the state of play for litigation finance in India for disputing parties, funders and in-house counsels. This article gives an insight into the legal framework, the process and factors influencing financing arrangements, future trends and the ethical considerations that must be considered in third party funding in the Indian context.

Arbitration in India – A Story of Growth and Opportunity

A brief essay tracing India’s experience with arbitration, which captures early efforts to encourage arbitration in India, the challenges to evolving a robust arbitration regime, recent legislative and judicial measures adopted to address these challenges, the growth of institutional arbitration in India and ongoing efforts to imbibe global best practices and cement India’s position as a world-class arbitral jurisdiction.

Emerging Trends – New Frontiers in Dispute Resolution

A compilation of updates identifying emerging legislative and market-driven trends in dispute resolution in India and around the globe. The piece discusses the establishment of special commercial courts and subject-matter focused tribunals, the growth of mediation and online dispute resolution as options for litigants, the impact of digital technology, climate change and biotechnology on the nature of new disputes, new regulatory frameworks for economic offences, gambling and cybercrimes, as well as developments in the nascent field of commercial space exploration.

Doing Business in India Handbook

The handbook enables readers to have an overview of the systems and legal rules and regulations that are essential for business operations in India.

De’construct’ing InvITs and REITs

Introduction of InvITs and REITs is a testimony to dynamic regulatory regime in India. The handbook provides reader an overview of the basics of the systems, procedures and rules that are essential for entities seeking to list InvITs and REITs.

Handbook on Listing in India

The handbook enables readers to comprehend the basics of the systems, procedures and rules that are essential for corporates seeking to access the Indian capital markets. The primary focus of this handbook is equity listing through the book building process.

Quick Guide on Merger Control in India

Things you ought to know about Indian merger control regime.

Quick Guide on Enforcement Provisions under Indian Competition Law

Things you ought to know about enforcement provisions under Indian Competition Law.

Quick Guide on Dawn Raids and Leniency in India

Things you ought to know about dawn raids and leniency.

Selected Essays in Competition Law

The book has series of articles which provide keen insights into the various issues and aspects in relation to the nascent yet evolving and interesting body ‘Competition Law’ in India.

Navigating the Disputes Environment in India

The book lay out a checklist of safeguards underlying regulatory action, looks at power of NGT, practical hacks to enforcing or challenging arbitral awards and judgements, managing white collar investigations, steps on the new class action suit regime, debate the projected efficacy of the Commercial Courts and finally mechanism available under BIT.

Selected Essays in Pharmaceutical Industry

The book is a compilation of essays pertaining to the pharmaceutical industry and the allied medical devices sector with a view to provide an understanding, from a regulatory perspective of the industry and the various nuances related to it.

Selected Essays in Private Equity

The essays attempt to help private equity investors in India introspect and analyse for themselves as also evaluate and advise their investees on some emerging trends and developments, and navigate the tightrope between public and private law.

Recent Legal Developments in India

This book is a compilation of essays that covers recent changes in policy such as recent liberalization of the FDI policy as well as the ECB framework. Also, discusses trends in arbitration and the tax regime, changing nuances in the enforcement regime of competition law and nuances of Masala Bonds.

Handbook on Dispute Resolution in India

Doing business in a foreign country can be fraught with uncertainties and unpredictable outcomes. The support of a robust legal regime and familiarisation with the process can lessen such unpredictablity. This Handbook covers reforms and an overview of the dispute resolution process in India, which will give readers a reasonable understanding of the process.

Handbook on Direct Taxes

The handbook provides an overview of the Indian domestic tax regulations dealing with income tax and seeks to highlight the key income tax provisions that may impact foreign investors investing in India.