Media & Entertainment

Rich legacy in advising on complex media deals and matters

We specialise in advising and providing end-to-end solutions across the value chain starting from Talent Management, Public Relations, Cinematic as well as Music Production, IP acquisition & syndication, marketing, promotions and distributions, etc. Our extensive experience with businesses in the new media, telecommunications and convergence sectors sets us apart. We also share a long-standing trust relationship with our clients. In addition, we provide the critical link between entertainment companies that are into gaming & electronics and financial services industries. We offer expert guidance to such companies that may have developed valuable content and applications, and are keen on expanding their markets by infusion of fresh capital.

Our advisory extends to the domestic and international clients including traditional media houses for the acquisition of IP, cinematic and production related documentation as well as evolving technologies on a range of matters such as digital distribution of media (OTT Platforms).

• An experienced team covering the entire gamut of media business.
• Routinely advise domestic as well as international clients.