corporate governance

Curated expertise and experience in understanding the complexity of market expectations.

Our Corporate Governance practice is built on a systematically curated knowledge base and expertise in global best behaviours and practices. Our dedicated team leverages this strong foundation to help businesses enhance their reputation and take advantage of market opportunities through our value-driven, sustainable, relevant, and contemporary approach to corporate governance. This is further enhanced through holistic advice based on comparable local and international references and deep integration into the governance ecosystem, including proxy advisers and stewardship services.

With innovation at the heart of our practice, we advice corporates on how to deal with dynamic workplace situations proactively and put in place practices valued by large investors. This is helped by our drive to be ahead of the curve, whether by way of the bespoke products and intervention techniques we develop for our clients or with our Centre for Corporate Governance that undertakes focused research & analysis of regulatory and commercial trends across the world.

• Systematically curated knowledge base for domestic and international businesses
• Focused research and analysis of changes in laws and regulations, as well as tracking the latest trends and developments across the globe through Centre for Corporate Governance (CCG), launched in 2018