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Prarambh is India’s first legal tech incubator launched by Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas in February 2019, with the aim of nurturing young entrepreneurs and developing bespoke legal technology solutions for the Indian legal market.

A collaborative effort between industry experts, start-ups, developers and more, Prarambh is firmly focussed on driving innovation and fostering a spirit of entrepreneurship. In addition, as a well-rounded knowledge centre dedicated to developing legal service tools for the real world, it also provides a creative thinking space, mentorship as well as subject matter expertise. In fact, this initiative has considerably narrowed the legal-tech gap that existed prior to its launch. This was done by ensuring domestic talent is identified and given all the support they need to grow and transform the domain of Indian law through technological innovations.

Here is how it works. After a stringent selection process, every start-up that becomes part of the Prarambh ecosystem goes through a 12-stage programme that offers end-to-end solutions, from helping them set up, brand building to financial management planning, strategic planning, and networking. Everything to give them a competitive edge. Once a viable market offering is created that fills the need gap, these start-ups are provided exposure to investors, as well as any assistance they need to reach the largest audience possible.

Access to justice, dispute resolution, transaction efficiencies, legal research and law firm operations are some of the technology-led solutions that we have helped develop through Prarambh.

Prarambh Cohort 1 was launched on October 9, 2019 and the cohort period finished on April 30, 2020.  Prarambh Cohort 2 was conceptualized and launch to address one or more out of 6 areas of interest, namely access to justice, increasing transactional efficiencies, improving law firm operations, improving litigation competencies, accessing government programs and reforms and the remote workforce. Any applicant would need to be the “Ready to scale” stage. There were the 24 applications received – all of them were put thorough a rigorous multi-stage evaluation, which included detailed discussions and pitching sessions to specialists; and finally the 3 start-ups were chosen. The winners of Prarambh Cohort 2 are Conduct, Presolv360, and PropertyChek. These startups are working on a diverse range of impactful products, which can have a lasting impact of the Indian legal fraternity.

Conduct is a start-up specialized in cultural compliance using data; Presolv360 on online cloud based Online Dispute Resolution, while PropertyChek is a SaaS platform for title due diligence and registration. Further details about the 3 startups is provided below.

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The Prarambh Program



Prarambh Success Stories

Prarambh is where big ideas come to life. See what our successful cohorts feel about Prarambh and the experience and support they received during their tenure with us.

"Prarambh has a been a transforming journey for us, from mentoring to testing we were able to create a better and robust product for people to use. Prarambh provides the best work environment and the mentoring sessions guided us to a strategy of scaling the product. I recommend Prarambh as the best platform for LegalTech companies as the industry is transforming."

Anubhav Mishra, Arpit Jain, Harsh Vardhan


Category – Legal Research

Product Stage – Development

About LegalMind A research and Analytics platform that help lawyers gain a competitive edge by identifying trends and patterns from millions or caselaws. By identifying trends in court’s decisions , judges and lawyers, legal professionals can build case winning strategies with data driven decision making.


"In the course of six months, we were mentored with one of the top law firms of the country and were given various approaches, tweaks for the platform before we formally launched. We entered with a very old-fashioned manual interface of internship governance. We developed the product after multiple brainstorming sessions with the cam team, which also helped us to hone our aptitude. The one thing that helped our company grow and that we have consciously inculcated in our mindset is the importance of ‘timelines’ and ‘problem solving techniques’."



Category – Managing Legal Talent

Product Stage – Development

About JRTC Intern A talent management platform that connects pre-qualified law students with internship opportunities at law firms, advocate offices and corporates.


"Prarambh was an amazing experience for Leegality. From sitting with cam partners to discuss the regulatory nitty gritty of our product to attending illuminating sessions on business development by global industry experts – the program took our domain expertise of the ‘legaltech field’ to the next level. Always warm and understanding, the Prarambh team provided fantastic guidance and support to us throughout the program. This gave us the confidence to actively sell to and service high value enterprise clients. Any legaltech company in India must definitely consider applying to Prarambh if they seek to scale up their business."

Sapan Parekh & Shivam Singla


Category – Increasing Transactional Efficiencies

Product Stage – Ready to Scale

About Leegality Leegality enables truly paperless operations by enabling businesses to digitize document execution through IT Act Compliant eSign, Digital Stamping and Document Workflow Automation solutions.


"Laws related to instilling diversity in the workplaces and building an inclusive work environment need to allows business leaders in building a business case. Companies need to find the value not only in terms of consequences of violation, but the benefit of adherence of such laws. As Conducts team aspire to bring this solution to the Boardrooms, in India as well as globally, we are glad to have strong foundation of our system solution, legally, structurally, and as an industry pioneer under the mentorship of Prarambh."

Conduct - A Product by Ungender

Category – Culture Compliance/ D&I Compliance

Product Stage – MVP and Customer Feedback Stage

About Conduct – A SaaS tool for companies to ensure compliance on D&I laws and measure & monitor culture in a data driven manner


"As we foray into making ODR mainstream, the support provided by CAMs team through the Prarambh program has been game-changing. Coupling CAMs expertise with Presolv360s enthusiasm, we are confident of building innovative solutions that will be industry benchmarks."


Category – Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)

Product Stage – Ready to Scale

About Presolv360 – An ODR platform that specializes in commercial dispute resolution with the aim of making it data-driven and inclusive.


"CAM is an ideal mentor in our efforts to bring trust and transparency in the real estate industry. We are thrilled to be part of the Prarambh program and receive counsel from the most reputed lawyers in the space. We are confident that this experience and CAMs guidance will help us scale from the 12 financial institutions we work with today to all the banks, NBFCs and HFCs across India."


Category – Real Estate Title Legal Opinion

Product Stage – Ready to Scale

About Presolv360 – Indias first and fastest online provider of property title reports for banks and financial institutions to enable rapid loan processing. Developed the only Property Legal Process Management (PLPM) Platform with more than a million properties and an Al Assistant for lawyers.


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