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cam is the first Indian law firm to adopt Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) based Legaltech in its day-to-day practice. The firm’s focus on driving innovation has resulted in the utilization of various AI and ML tools for tasks such as due diligence, contract review and abstraction, evidence management, litigation strategy, legal research, and intellectual property.  These tools leverage the firms existing practices and add value for our clients and practice groups. The use of Legaltech at the firm is not limited to one practice area or one technology. We focus on identifying challenges and exploring relevant solutions to increase efficiencies across practice areas.

Automated Proofreading and Editing

An integral part of a lawyer’s work is proofreading and editing drafts and documents. cam is committed to providing quality documents with the highest level of accuracy to its clients. The use of proofreading tools helps in:

  • Removing inconsistencies in usages and styles across a document;
  • Reducing time spent on manual search for errors;
  • Increasing efficiencies and accuracy, allowing Associates to focus on more high-value tasks.

Contract & Due Diligence Review

To support our practice groups with the due diligence process, we use an AI-based contract review tool. The tool helps our lawyers identify and quantify key risks, obligations, and deal breakers.  We have seen an average of 20% to 30% increase in efficiency using this software. We have identified various use cases for the tool at the firm, including Lease Review, Force Majeure Audits, Insurance Reviews, Contract Comparisons, Obligation and Change Management reviews. The General Corporate and Capital Markets practices benefit the most from this tool.

Client Focus: Through the use of this technology, we are able to gain actionable insights into deal points and advise our clients on future trends and risks.

Document Automation

Document automation uses technology to standardize document drafting. We currently use document automation as part of our internal quality assurance processes to standardize agreements.

Since automation maintains quality, consistency, timeliness, and cost efficiency while drafting various standard and complex documents, our lawyers are able to focus on complexities along with contract negotiations and overall strategy.

Client Focus: Through various projects, cam advises established clients as well as new businesses and startups towards standardizing their key documents and provides ongoing assistance in streamlining the document assembly process.

eDiscovery & Litigation Services

To complement the services of our Disputes team, we leverage eDiscovery technologies to effectively process and analyze high volumes of documents or e-files. We work with a range of eDiscovery platforms depending on the nature of each case. Our services offer end-to-end case and evidence management, including hosting, processing, and high-speed analysis of large data sets, using Technology Assisted Review or Predictive Coding. The team uses eDiscovery technologies to work on White Collar Crime Investigations, Government requests, Investigations, and Litigations including class action suits, Discovery Requests, etc.

These tools support the Disputes team by providing them the ability to:

  • Review matters end-to end;
  • Maintain Attorney – Client Privilege;
  • Identify and flag urgent information, even while the review is underway.

Legal Research & Litigation Strategy

By nature and training, most lawyers are thinkers and questioners. Over the years, we have used books and websites to research and analyze all possible angles of our arguments. Research methods have evolved and enhanced the capabilities of our Associates, through the adoption of various AI-based research tools to perform primary and secondary legal research.

These tools further enrich the firm’s service offering to clients, which are as follows:

  • Providing more accurate and relevant search results at optimum speed;
  • Increasing time efficiencies and saving cost by using the best technology to assist Associates to analyze their research.
  • Ability to quickly and granularly map case law and assess relevance;
  • Centralized management of case-related tasks and reminders;
  • Improved efficiencies by providing more sophisticated and accurate search results, which are not merely based on keywords;
  • Reduction in hours spent on understanding the relevance of a case law to the matter;
  • Early identification of possible counter arguments, informing case strategy from the initial stages of a dispute.

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