Education is the quickest route to overhaul or bring about a change in a system, irrespective of its size. For lawyers, education is a constant aspect of their professional journey. By introducing modern Legaltech education to the firm’s lawyers and law students alike, cam is not only modernising Legal Service within the firm today, but also helping create a generation of lawyers ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

cam’s Legaltech and Innovation Certification (CLIC)

cam’s motto of being ‘Ahead of the Curve’ has been brought to life with CLIC, a path-breaking initiative which offers a first-of-its-kind learning experience. It focuses both on theoretical and practical aspects of Legaltech and participative modules on New Law and Design Thinking. CLIC represents the culmination of years of thought leadership that has been designed to foster an innovative mindset and encourage a willingness to challenge the status quo among future lawyers. CLIC is a customised program for law students and legal professionals (including clients) across the country.

We at cam believe that we have to shape the future we envision. CLIC is a step in this direction, and the course is specifically tailored for lawyers who want to deliver cutting-edge legal services to their clients and change the landscape of Legal Service Delivery.

CLIC Feedback Excerpts

Associate Innovation and Legaltech Program (AILP)

We at cam believe in holistically nurturing our homegrown talent to maximise their potential. This specially designed program for the newly inducted associates is a significant step in that direction. The program is focused on interacting with each associate, training them in the usage of the array of Legaltech tools available to them, alongwith modules tailored to challenge their thought process to come up with innovative solutions using design thinking methodologies.

This program enables us to train our associates right at the beginning of their career with us, in a manner where the benefits percolate directly to the practice areas. This serves our vision for the future, wherein Modern and Futuristic Lawyers practice and guide the teams from within, instead of being an external guiding force.

AILP Feedback Excerpts

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