“Innovation by all, innovation for the world”

cam’s position as a leader and the flag-bearers of legal innovation in the legal services market is bolstered by the various pioneering initiatives undertaken to modernize the service of law. Cam’s endeavor is to be consistently Ahead of the Curve, for which it is necessary for each member to have equal responsibility and stake in the innovative practices of the firm. It is imperative that each member understands that the development and innovation at the firm is directly linked to their individual development.

To make this vision a reality, cam’s Innovation Team has adopted a diversified approach towards the upkeep of the culture of innovation. ‘Vichaar’ an annual ideation week, empowers every member of the firm to contribute their innovative ideas towards the improvement of the firm’s workflow and processes, making every member of the firm a contributing stakeholder. As a corollary, cam proudly houses Prarambh — the pioneering Legaltech incubator, dedicated to nurturing Legaltech innovations in the domestic startup market, the dividends of which can be accrued by the world at large. The firm also disseminates Legaltech and Innovation awareness through newsletters, wallpapers, events and regular training sessions for our lawyers, focusing on Legaltech and Innovative Legal Design Thinking methods. While curiosity is a crucial catalyst for a dynamic culture, it is important to acknowledge that initiatives aimed at fostering the curiosity are just a fraction of the many elements that contribute to the cultivation and sustenance of a culture of innovation within the firm.

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