intellectual property

Safeguarding and maximising the value of intellectual property assets

Our industry-leading IP team, comprising highly-skilled lawyers and engineers with proven track records, specialises in providing innovative and effective legal solutions across a wide spectrum of IP-related matters. Our in-depth understanding, vast experience and knowledge of the Indian Intellectual Property (IP) laws and international standards across industries, enable us to tailor our legal strategies to match the unique challenges and requirements of each sector, including pharmaceutical, telecom, FMCG, automotive, manufacturing and media.

To provide holistic and bespoke solutions that address the intersection of different IP rights, we collaborate with various sub-practice areas of IP law, emerging or otherwise, as well as other practices. This enables our clients to turn to us when faced with IP issues that are either standalone or part of larger complex transactions.

• Crafting personalised solutions that align with our clients’ industry, business goals and risk tolerance.
• Offering end-to-end support throughout any IP’s lifecycle – from IP adoption clearance to enforcement actions.
• Patented and unpatented technology, trademarks, copyright and designs.