cam’s commitment to fostering a culture of innovation internally and at a fundamental level is demonstrated in the Vichaar initiative. Vichaar is an extension of cam’s innovation agenda to empower each one of us to drive innovation. Vichaar aims at drawing upon the optimism, inspiration, ideas, and opinions of everyone to solve a problem together. Every problem comes with a solution and we, as lawyers, are naturally inclined to solve problems.

Vichaar actively celebrates creators, risk-takers, and innovators. Innovation cannot happen without deep collaboration between stakeholders at every level. We have created an innovative environment at cam, which offers an opportunity for EVERYONE to imagine and create an impact with seamless execution of ideas. The innovation team works closely with the ideators to implement the winning ideas and also with other stakeholders to implement all relevant ideas that originate from Vichaar.

Since 2018, the following winning ideas have been implemented.

Creation of a curated database and dynamic directory which is available on our portal for local counsels and other service providers across the country along with name, contact detail, area of expertise, feedback, etc.

Coordination and collaboration amongst co-workers to explore an environmentally smarter, financially conscious, and a less stressful daily travel option in each city.

Aims at improving the physical and mental health of Associates and Business Services professionals. The idea involves organising an “Annual Wellness Week” along with a program that runs throughout the year.

A mobile app created for employees to stay connected with the activities at the firm and perform tasks on the go.

A duly curated database and dynamic directory of Arbitrators across the country along with name, contact detail, area of expertise, feedback, etc. This directory is available on cam’s internal portal.

Stems from the vision of our Managing Partner to create a strong alumni network. It involves creation of a LinkedIn and Facebook community page, through which we not only connect with our alumni but also share knowledge and experiences.

Encourages collaboration by sharing of resources across practices and locations to address the peaks and troughs of business.

A dynamic internal tool designed for the GC practice to provide deal trends on a confidential and real-time basis. It provides flexibility to fine tune the output to the type of deal, the deal size, the deal period and various other parameters. Results are easy to interpret and include helpful features like exportable pie-charts.

An internal repository of state-wise and court-wise formats for pleadings, along with specific practice notes for lawyers on procedures and lessons learnt.

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