An all-encompassing practice for taxation-related concerns.

The success of our Taxation practice is based on our market awareness and commercial acumen, combined with our rapport with Indian regulators. This enables us to provide suitable risk analysis, examine the impact on business decisions and ensure that the structure envisaged is defendable, both through appropriate drafting and practical implementation.

The hallmark of our practice lies in our ability to get on board quickly, with a proactive and pragmatic approach and recognise the commercial needs of the client. This ensures quality advice across sectors and structures, including new-age businesses and uncharted, first-time transactions coming up in the face of changing financial engineering.

Our Taxation team has deep experience in structuring all kinds of transactions and reorganisations, ESOPs, double taxation avoidance agreements, permanent establishment advisory, tax litigation, comparative analysis for choice of jurisdiction for investment into or establishing presence in India and advisory on a broad range of direct and indirect tax matters. Known for our expertise and ability to guide domestic and international clients in a legally sound yet practical and efficient manner, we set the standard for both direct and indirect tax matters.

• Provide customised taxation advice/solutions.
• Our 30+ years of experience accords us the ability to arrive at tax positions even in the absence of judicial precedents.