CAM Radio: Boardroom Mavericks – Exploring Independent Directors In India

  • October 6, 2023
  • 46:39 Mins
YouTube video

In the complex world of corporate governance, independent directors are said to play the sentinel of fairness, integrity and accountability within the corporate realm. In a landscape that’s often fraught with setbacks, independent directors are seen as linchpins, who ensure that the interests of all stakeholders are diligently protected, scrutinizing executive decisions, challenging potential conflicts of interest and championing ethical conduct.

In this episode of CAM Radio, Anami Narayan Roy and our Managing Partner Cyril Shroff explore the institution of independent directors in India, protections under law for independent directors, what the balancing act could be for company boards to lead companies in complete compliance of what Indian regulators expect, whether the SEBI amendments to the LODR could take companies to the next level and more. This discussion was moderated by our Partner Anchal Dhir. Tune in now!