CAM Radio: The Secret Sauce of Entrepreneurship

  • October 27, 2023
  • 49:22 Mins
YouTube video

It seems like India has always had a special relationship with sports, be it cricket, football, tennis or badminton. And in a land where these aren’t just games, but closer to a religion and where the echoes of a billion cheers reverberate stadiums and sofas, it seems like these sports have captivated the hearts of many an Indian.

With the Indian sporting landscape continuing to evolve, the burgeoning startup ecosystem seems to be the realm of digital innovation. One such startup that brought together sports and entrepreneurship and that’s a game changer is Dream11, augmenting fan experiences and contributing to India’s emergence as a sporting powerhouse.

In this episode of CAM Radio, Dream11 CEO & Co-Founder Harsh Jain and our very own Rishabh Shroff explore the synergy between technology, sports and entrepreneurship that is rapidly redefining the Indian sporting narrative, Harsh’s early days as an entrepreneur, the ups and downs of Dream11, what he looks for as an investor, how technology like generative AI is disrupting the world and more.