CAM Radio: Tech & AI Shaping Tomorrow’s Law

  • November 24, 2023
  • 34:41 Mins
YouTube video

In the latest episode of CAM Radio, our Managing Partner Cyril Shroff sits down with Justin North, Strategic Advisor and Founder of Pickering Pearce to unravel unique perspectives on the future of law, the legal industry, and the transformative influence of technology and AI.

In this thought-provoking conversation, our guest delves into their feelings about the current state of the legal landscape. Justin North expresses satisfaction with the present, emphasizing the remarkable transformation the industry has undergone in recent years. The speakers reflects on the rapid evolution of client sophistication, a phenomenon they’ve keenly observed over the past decade.

Join us as we explore their insights into the current dynamics of law firms and their visions for the future. How do they foresee the shape of law firms evolving, and what role does technology, particularly AI, play in this transformative journey? Discover the compelling dialogue that unveils the current pulse of the legal industry and the strategic foresight that shapes its impending future.