CAM Radio: The Art of Changing Your Destiny

  • November 3, 2023
  • 39:04 Mins
YouTube video

Changing one’s destiny is more profound than it seems. It’s a journey of self-discovery and determination that begins with a vision and a belief that one can alter the course of their life. People may be able to rewrite their story, transcend obstacles and create a brighter and more fulfilling future by embracing change, taking calculated risks and staying committed to personal growth. And these could be the stepping stones to shaping one’s destiny and prove with unwavering resolve that transformation could be a tangible and powerful reality.

In this episode of CAM Radio, expert lawyer and investor Sat Pal Khattar converses with our Managing Partner Cyril Shroff and explores his journey of becoming a lawyer and investor; the India story, why he wrote his book “Changing Destiny”, winning the Padma Shri, his defining life moments, reviving the spirit of curiosity as a lawyer, being a generalist versus a specialist and more.