Clear Cut: Exploring Whether Justice Can Be A Service Or A Place

  • June 7, 2024
  • 47:15 Mins
YouTube video

Many have heard of India’s ambition of becoming a $5 trillion economy. But, some experts believe that with some reforms accelerated and policies implemented, India could even become a $55 trillion economy. So, what’s the role that the judiciary can play in such economic growth? Because it may not be just about legal principles in isolation, the judiciary just might be the cornerstone of India’s economic success. And has the impact of technology on justice delivery meant that how justice is looked at changed?

In the latest episode of CAM Radio – Clear Cut, our Managing Partner Cyril Shroff and Justice Gautam Patel explore the role of the judiciary beyond traditional boundaries, why the backlog of commercial disputes is a prevalent challenge affecting India’s business climate, the need for dedicated infrastructure to reduce clogging of the system, the need for standardization across various courts, how the COVID-19 pandemic may have transformed the judiciary from a destination-bound institution to a service-oriented one, the downsides to justice’s overreliance on technology, the need for invasive audits and ethical hackers in India’s legal system, the paradigm shift required in legal education and apprenticeship models and more.